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Star-Lite Video Productions, established by Laszlo and Paula Horvath, began operations in 1992. Laszlo, self taught in the schematics and editing of videography, had a passion for creativity. He decided his talents could be best put to use by starting a business to film special occasions and present that special day in a fashion that befitted the effort put forth by his many customers. Imagination has allowed Star-Lite Video to develop special formats used in their processing to create a unique and fantastical production.
Star-Lite Video Productions (SVP) has been servicing South Western Ontario since 1992. We have established a reputation as a highly experienced videographer esteemed for striving towards excellence while satisfying its clientele. We can create, customize or improvise according to your needs. Each event is distinct and unique. We listen to your needs, and will provide you with a package that will accommodate preserving your cherished memories for a lifetime.

Extensive planning and time is dedicated to creating your wedding day. Your gown, the flowers, the breathtaking accent pieces revealing your theme, the photographer, the menu and, oh so much more, are just some of the details that unveil your story. SVP will capture the essence of your story and personality in a non-obtrusive manner. We will organize our time and effort to capture those important moments, and more, that you will want to see over and over again. Our professionalism will be appreciated each time you view your video graphed event. With our very own style in filming and editing, that has been uniquely designed by SVP, we take great care to offer a delicate eye to detail and emotion so that you truly do see what happened on your very special day.

Equipment and Quality:
SVP uses only the most sophisticated professional grade high-definition (HDV) "film" cameras, wireless microphones to capture clarity of voice, extremely smooth lighting systems to create a true to life image – not over exposed, and up to date computerized high-definition (HDV) editing systems. Our equipment will produce a clear and crisp image that is life-like along with corresponding colors and tones that will amaze you. Our professionalism and equipment will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your finished product.

Film Style:
SVP will film your coverage with the newest “film” cameras produced by JVC. The end result is an extremely detailed, progressive, high-definition picture. Your viewing pleasure will have actual dimensional depth of film which is not just wide screen. This viewing has been widely accepted by the filming industry and enjoyed by our many customers. The color and overall look of the picture is just like film. Currently, many videographers attempt to create the “look of film” courtesy of video cameras and editing systems. This edited ‘film look’ will never be “real”. SVP does not have to work towards creating the illusion of the ‘film look’. We are shooting using sophisticated film resolution progressive cameras. You need to see it to believe it! To view the quality of our “film” coverage download our high definition demo here

We offer packages that accommodate many budgets. We also offer bridal registry options!

Something you should remember:
You take great care in choosing the many details that will make your special event the day it will be. Hire SVP as your professional videographer to film this cherished moment. You really do get what you paid for. Not just any professional can capture those precious moments of your important day. SVP has always believed that ‘imagination is the key’ to the essence of cinematographic story making. A picture may be worth a million words but your video will be your “memory in motion” forever. Your wedding will be a ‘once in a lifetime’ celebration. Our edited version of your wedding day will be something you will not only cherish, but will be something you will want to view and share time and time again!

Our Concept:
Every wedding or special event that we have filmed has exceeded every expectation that our clients have held. The day of the actual event each client has witnessed our dedication and level of expertise. So much heart has been poured into capturing each story’s uniqueness and personal flavor that our clients are overwhelmed with gratitude and comfort knowing that they will receive a quality product when it is time. Should you choose SVP, we will do our best to have your finished product within a 4 month period. There is no reason for you to wait any longer!

We speak foreign languages:
In order to meet our customers' multicultural needs we provide services not only in English, but also in Italian, Hungarian, and many other languages!


Flash 7 or later required; Hi-Speed recommended
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